Idle Slayer Electric Type Enemies (2024)

Electric type enemies in Idle Slayer can be a real shock to your progress if you're not prepared to face their jolting power. These electrifying foes pack a punch that can leave your heroes stunned and your progress halted. But fear not! With the right strategies and a little bit of know-how, you can easily turn the tables on these shocking adversaries and emerge victorious. In this guide, we'll delve deep into the world of Idle Slayer and uncover the secrets to effectively slaying electric type enemies.

Understanding Electric Type Enemies

Before we dive into battle, it's important to understand what makes electric type enemies tick. These foes are characterized by their ability to harness the power of electricity to zap your heroes into submission. They often come equipped with lightning-fast attacks and abilities that can leave even the most stalwart heroes reeling.

Building Your Team

The key to success in Idle Slayer lies in assembling a team of heroes with diverse skills and abilities. When facing electric type enemies, it's crucial to include heroes who are resistant to electrical attacks. Look for heroes with abilities like "Electric Resistance" or "Insulating Armor" to mitigate the damage caused by these shocking foes.

Additionally, consider including heroes with abilities that can exploit the weaknesses of electric type enemies. Heroes with attacks like "Ground Pound" or "Short Circuit" can deal extra damage to electric type enemies, making quick work of them in battle.

Equipping the Right Gear

In addition to choosing the right heroes, equipping them with the proper gear is essential for success. When facing electric type enemies, prioritize gear that offers increased electrical resistance and boosts to your heroes' offensive capabilities. Items like "Rubber Boots" and "Thunder Ward" can provide much-needed protection against electrical attacks, while weapons imbued with the power of lightning can help your heroes deal devastating blows to their foes.

Utilizing Skills and Abilities

In the heat of battle, knowing when to unleash your heroes' skills and abilities can mean the difference between victory and defeat. When facing electric type enemies, be sure to prioritize skills that can disrupt their attacks or exploit their weaknesses. Abilities like "Discharge" or "Lightning Rod" can help your heroes weather the storm of electrical assaults and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Adapting Your Strategy

No two battles in Idle Slayer are ever the same, and adapting your strategy on the fly is key to overcoming the challenges posed by electric type enemies. Pay close attention to the behavior and abilities of your foes, and be prepared to adjust your tactics accordingly. Whether it's focusing your attacks on a single enemy or spreading out your damage to multiple targets, flexibility is the key to emerging victorious.


In the world of Idle Slayer, electric type enemies may seem daunting at first, but with the right strategies and a well-equipped team, you can easily conquer these shocking foes and continue your quest for ultimate power. By understanding their weaknesses, building a formidable team, and adapting your tactics as needed, you'll soon be on your way to becoming a master slayer of electric type enemies.


Q1: Can I defeat electric type enemies with just any team of heroes? A1: While it's possible to defeat electric type enemies with a variety of hero compositions, focusing on heroes with electrical resistance and abilities that exploit their weaknesses will greatly increase your chances of success.

Q2: Are there any specific levels or areas where electric type enemies are more common? A2: Electric type enemies can appear in various levels and areas throughout Idle Slayer, so it's important to be prepared to face them at any time. Keep an eye out for their distinctive attacks and abilities to know when you're up against them.

Q3: What happens if my heroes aren't properly equipped to face electric type enemies? A3: If your heroes aren't adequately equipped to handle electric type enemies, they may sustain heavy damage from their electrical attacks, potentially leading to defeat. Be sure to prioritize gear that offers electrical resistance to mitigate this risk.

Q4: Are there any special rewards for defeating electric type enemies? A4: While there may not be specific rewards for defeating electric type enemies, overcoming these challenging foes will grant you experience points and loot that can help strengthen your heroes and progress further in the game.

Q5: How can I tell if a hero has abilities that are effective against electric type enemies? A5: Heroes with abilities that are effective against electric type enemies will often have descriptors like "Electric Resistance" or "Lightning Damage" in their skill descriptions. Be sure to read the abilities of your heroes carefully to identify these traits.

Idle Slayer Electric Type Enemies (2024)


Idle Slayer Electric Type Enemies? ›

***Electric Yeti is the first Electric-type enemy. It unlocks at 7.50e33 / 7.5 De Coins after talking to Emily in the Village's tavern, which must be rebuilt first in UA 2+. Delta Worm is the only other Electric-type enemy. It unlocks at 9.5e46 Coins after talking to Cristino in the Village.

How do I get to village idle Slayer? ›

Astral Slayer must be purchased for 5e8 / 500 M SP to view the Village Key Astral upgrade. The Village Key can be crafted with 1 Dragon Scales and 5 Goblin Cloths and will spawn a Portal to the Village Dimension immediately.

Where do soul goblins spawn idle slayer? ›

Bonus Stages are accessed through Special Random Boxes, that will spawn a Portal leading you into the Dimension. You're tasked with collecting Orbs and will be rewarded with Coins and Soul Goblins after each segment.

How do you get cursed trees in idle Slayer? ›

They can be found at Mystic Valley. You can unlock that zone from the Skill Tree.

How do you evolve enemies in idle Slayer? ›

Evolutions. Some enemies have evolutions which you unlock through completing Quests or Crafting and purchase with Coins. Evolutions have increased base Coin and Soul rewards.

Does idle slayer have an end? ›

Early Game can last about a couple of weeks, Mid Game can last from a few weeks to a month or two, and Late Game takes a couple of weeks to over a month. You can get to End Game in about 3 or four months, though it varies a lot depending on how active you are.

When should you ultra ascend in idle slayer? ›

It's recommended to wait until you'll have at least 6 USP (~6.4 million Total Slayer Points) before Ultra Ascending.

Where is the best place to farm in idle Slayer? ›

The absolute best place to grind, generally, will be Hot Desert. But immediately after your UA, don't leave the Hills right away. Stay as long as you can, taking advantage of the Hills' Giant for SP gain.

Who is the missing daughter in idle slayer village? ›

Peter can be found in the forest at the far-right side of the Village. Peter tells you about how his daughter went missing. Later his daughter, Sarah, is discovered with your help. While you are helping Peter, you will need to retrieve the Pickaxe from inside the Tavern and take it back to Peter.

Why is the goblin Army not spawning? ›

It must be daytime (4:30 AM is when it triggers). At least one Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart must have been destroyed. At least one player must have 200 health or more. (If this is not met the Goblin Battle Standard will not work)

How do you unlock funky space? ›

The Village Key can be crafted with 2 Dragon Scales and 5 Goblin Cloths and will spawn a Portal to the Village Dimension immediately. ↑ Funky space is available to unlock in the Ascension tree only after completing the Boss Fight and purchasing Collateral.

What is the floating key in idle Slayer? ›

A floating key will randomly appear which will trigger the Chest Hunt Minigame. A Saver will spawn in a Chest during the Chest Hunt Minigame. If you find it, it will slay the next Mimic. Increase Chest Hunt Souls by 250%.

How do you unlock bosses in idle Slayer? ›

Boss fights are first accessed by confronting Victor. This is achieved by purchasing the Mill's Key (750 Coins) and trying to look through the window in the Mill. After this, you need to speak to Emily in the Tavern who will make the upgrade, Binoculars (1.50e51 / 1.5 Sd Coins), available to purchase.

Should I ascend idle slayer? ›

There is no 'penalty' for ascending, and it will always make it easier to progress in the game. The simple idea is that if you feel the game is slowing down, or if you feel you've hit a wall, or if you can buy something you want, or if you're bored - ascend!

What are dragon eggs used for in idle slayer? ›

Dragon Eggs can be cracked open for the following rewards (This is a Craftable Temporary Item.): +{X} Coins! +{X} Divinity Points! +{X} Dragon Scales!

What does ultra ascending do in idle slayer? ›

Ultra-Ascending will reset way more than a normal Ascension, but also grant something way stronger in return: Ultra Slayer Points. These can be spent on Stones of Time.

What is the starting village in project slayers? ›

Kiribating Village

The beginner village you first spawn in. It is where you will spend most of your time. The NPCs that are located there are: Somi: Gives you the quest to kill 5 of Zuko's subordinates, return Riyaku and kill 2 subordinates whilst carrying Riyaku, and killing Zuko himself.

How much money do you need to unlock the gloves in idle Slayer? ›

The Gloves are the fourteenth Equipment the Slayer will purchase. They initially cost 5.00e25 / 50 Sp coins and give 5.20e18 / 5.2 Qi CpS. The previous equipment is the Necklace and the next one is the Cape.

How do I get back to shovel Knight in idle Slayer? ›

To return to the Shovel Knight's Camp you must click the portal icon. There is no portal cooldown to visit the Shovel Knight.

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