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Security holograms are acknowledged as the most versatile protection against brand product counterfeiting. They can be applied cost-effectively to a wide variety of substrates and products as part of conventional printing, packaging and labeling processes.

As a result, holograms are widely used on packaging of pharmaceuticals, IT products, automotive components, luxury and consumer goods and on security documents including banknotes, passports and ID cards, stamps, tickets, vouchers, cheques, payment cards etc.

Benefits of Holograms

* Identify fakes Anywhere, immediately, conclusively with Holograms. * Holograms have become one of the most common overt or public security features on value documents and branded goods.

* Holograms cannot be reproduced, making counterfeiting nearly impossible.

* Holograms have become the most vital element of packaging of products to help them stand out on retailer’s shelves.

* Holographic point of purchase displays and premiums make effective, eye- catching attractions.

* Dramatically raising product sales by 10% - 25%.


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