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Holographic Products

2D/3D Holograms
2D/3D HOLOGRAMS are generated from conventional line artwork and give spatial effects with a vibrant colour change. 2D/3D holograms can be produced with two or three levels of depth. These holograms are the most cost effective.

Dot Matrix Holograms
In this technology holograms are made up of a series of dots or pixels. Each pixel or dot can diffract coloured light at a different angle. The image seems to be kinetic as it is moved and different regions of the image are illuminated. These holograms are considered to be most secured. The holograms made with this technique can be seen in any lighting conditions. Multi-layered and 3-dimensional effects are also available in combination dot matrix features.

E-Beam Holograms
The holograms developed using E-beam technology are considered to the most secured holograms. The E-beam system technology is very expensive compare to other techniques.

In addition to this the holograms can also be integrated with other security technologies – inks, tags, inkjet/laser serial numbering etc - to provide multi-layered security solutions combining overt and covert security with track and trace capabilities.

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